Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is Cool---Google Reader

Ooohhh...Universe delivers today! Found something neat that made me go, this is very cool. It's www.google.com/reader and you can enter the blogs you like to read and it goes and gets you all the new posts, all in one place! Very cool. Of course, I'll still want to go to the sites from time to time and check out their links and other cool places, but this might help me to stay put with what I have for now. A mind can only fill so fast, you know?

The only part I'm having trouble with is---it's not pretty! Where the place I get to customize, add my own cool banner? Is that funny that is really hard for me?

Okay, okay, I really better get to work today. I need to finish up the yellow Chakra movie so our partner can write music for it. Off I go...

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