Thursday, November 08, 2007

About Friends

I especially like to post things if I have a picture to include--but today, I am pictureless. Still, I've been thinking a lot about friends. I have some dear ones--but over the years, many of them have become online only. I love my online friends. But I'm now imagining myself going to lunch with friends--I'd like to create the more tangible kind as well.

I love meeting friends from all walks of life--people fascinate me. I love reading blogs and seeing what people are sharing.

I've been working on my give-away fairy lately. The hard part (face) is over, so now the rest will be easy sculpting. It's likely whoever wins her will be a newbie sculptor--so I like thinking about this new owner. A completed fairy is a great sculpting tool. As I sculpt, I feel happy to be able to give this gift to someone, and help them along the path I've traveled.

Sheesh, most of the time I still can't believe I'm an artist--but I truly love it!


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