Monday, November 19, 2007

Finding my Joy, Seeing the World differently

November 18, 2007 4:48 am

Yes, that’s right –4 in the morning—and this is after laying awake for a while finally deciding to pull myself out of bed.

I must express. I must give existence to the world outside of me, all that I feel in the world within.

Artists see the world differently…

We just do. Still feels a bit like getting used to a new shoe when I venture out and call myself an artist—but it must be true. I feel most at home with other artists, I feel most myself when I am creating, when I am expressing.

It’s like there is a ball of energy in the pit of my belly and I must give it life in the form of expression. If I don’t, I get sick—literally. I get agitated or depressed or just plain ornery. To live my life in joy, I MUST EXPRESS IT—there really are no options about this. I am compelled. Though I don’t consider it a negative thing—in fact, I’m learning to love this about myself—even if it does have me up at 4 am wondering which of the many projects I want to play with today.

I guessing it’s largely due to the increase of feminine energy on the planet—and the more I let my vibration rise—the more I live in joy—the more I can’t deny this creative, expressive side of me. This part that sees the whole so clearly—at times it’s hard to function, no—it’s hard to live life any other way. This awareness surrounds me.

The ambiguous words of the poets throughout time begin to make curious sense to me. It’s an awareness of a formless world, seeking manifestation.

I’ve thought a lot about Mozart and other great artists that seemed so unusual. With my small taste of life increased through connection to Spirit—to divine consciousness—I’m convinced these people were so intuitively connected to the unseen world, to reading the akashic records, to being in touch with the ethers—that “normal life” wasn’t an option for them.

It’s like being able to hear music in the air—to feel a beat that causes us to move and sway in the rhythm of life.

I believe we all are artists—we are all creators—and artists have a hard time doing anything but create. Yet the vision they offer the world touches something deep within each of us—we gaze at a picture of art—and feel deep within, a part that sees the world in that way too. It creates a stirring, a feeling of life, of aliveness, and all of us long for this feeling. That’s why we love art and expression.

An artist can give manifestation to a feeling we all feel—we see the painting and part of us is saying, “Yes, that’s it—that’s what I’m feeling.” A poet does this with words—and it’s this emotional connection, this recognition within, this longing for expression in all of us—that is finally given life. And having expressed, we feel contented once again.

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