Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun Site for Piano Music

So I have still been loving the "Only Hope" song, and I just downloaded the music to it. I think if I plunk around enough on the piano, I can do it. I love this site: http://musicnotes.com/

Mostly what I love is instant gratification! Another think I love is printer ink--in the CORRECT cartridge. I've been wanting this song since Sunday, but I was out of ink. This Epson doesn't even let you print so-so pages. As soon as the ink was less than perfect, it's been saying out of ink, and wouldn't even let me cheat and settle for a bad print. So then I finally got the ink last night, but I'd forgotten which model of printer I had, and got the wrong one. That was a bit anti-climactic. But tonight, I did it right, and have freshly printed this music. I love music. It's the vibrations, I know.

So yesterday, my magic moment was during dinner when all of the kids started laughing and couldn't stop. We were having a Family Night and I got them some brownies, vanilla ice cream, and Magic Shell. They were thrilled. I realized I could make my own healthy magic shell with raw cacao, agave, and coconut oil--and perhaps another oil so it would be smooth. That's such a mom thing to say--but hey, I'm a mom.

One arm to go on the fairy sculpt. I hope I get to decorate her tomorrow. That's the funnest part. At least she'll be ready to show, and then I can finish the wings slower and take my time. I lost my makingfairies.com site for a moment to day (the domain set to auto-renew did NOT) so that was scary--my auction looked terrible with a bunch of broken link images! But I think it only lasted under an hour. I'm so glad we got it going again. I love making these wings and teaching people how to do it. I get so many grateful emails. I remember when I finally figured out these techniques, after much heart ache at times! It's really fun for me to share this info!

Let's see, did today have a special moment? I guess seeing my fairy site back up, after I'd been told it may be 3 days! Yipes!

Holding Jasen, who didn't want to wear his boots (they are buzz lightyear--isn't that still cool?), as I was walking out of Office Max--he has great squishy cheeks for kissing.

So I saw a deal, someone selling their 21 month Gold's Gym membership for 15.50 a month--this is VIP and everything. Now I have the funds ready--I want to find another deal like this, just for me. I need to get back to the gym. I just get more excited about exercising when I get to go out and do something special!

I was told my Cloth, Scissors, Paper magazine might take 4-6 weeks--after they had told me it would be sent out November 15. I'm hoping it still finds me quickly--it could happen.

That's all for tonight. Better get sculptin'--after I read a few blogs... =)


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