Friday, November 16, 2007

Sister in town...

I'd have to say that's my highlight for the day--my sister is visiting from Germany. We're planning a girls night out next week, which I am way looking forward to.

I did want to say that I'm working on exercising--just a little bit. And this is in addition to all the running around I do with kids. I've noticed doing something each day, day after day, is hard for me. I get bored very easily--that's probably why I always have a million projects going. But anyway, I digress...exercise. The plan is to do 5-10 minutes a day. I can always do more, but agree to at least do that much. So yesterday I did the Donna Eden energy routine. And today I did the routine, plus 35 crunchers on the Ab-Lounge--a great invention.

I know it's not much, but as Chris Westra says, Incremental steps lead to monumental results.

I'm learning to have faith in the little things--and to draw contentment from them, rather than just the big achievement they lead up to.

The kids did a Jog-a-thon today at school. Josh did 21 laps! Jairen 11, and Justin 9. Josh is a born runner. Can you believe that kid?

Last night I read that my cousin Rachel's baby has Down's Syndrome. It's her 6th baby--wow--she's amazing. The little guy is so cute. He couldn't have been born to a better family.

I need to get my fairy base painted, and sculpt on some of the dolls I've left behind. I spend some time on Donna Downey's blog today. I like watching her videos, and the paintings she does. I'll have to try them sometime. (Did I get bored again? No, I think I just love so many things!) I need to find a way to share this with my kids more. I was good with 3, felt overwhelmed at 4 and was still trying to adjust when 5 came along. They contain a lot of energy. I want to share art with them, but it gets so crazy. Maybe we'll practice some small, short projects together, so they can learn to sit quietly and create. Or do anything quietly.... I keep telling myself, one day they will be grown and I will have too much quiet around here. Then I think--I wish I could have my future self go take a bunch of naps for me when my kids are grown, then bring the rest and energy back to me for right now!

Ooooh, I need to make the fairy's wings as well. Almost forgot!

Better get...

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