Friday, August 10, 2007

Another baby in the works...

She's at a very rough stage right now, but she has a darling face (can't tell so well from this picture). I thought I'd try a baby laying on its back.

Toddler Fae is finished!

I love how she turned out. The wings are made of Fimo Gel and Transparency Film. Her little necklace is a star-shaped hematite bead. Pretty cool, eh?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

And lastly, how I store my WIPS

Okay, it's an old hanger (I grabbed whatever I had on hand at the time). The plastic is the liner of a metal can I got at Wal-mart--for under a dollar. It's perfect--light, so I can hang it right with my dolls. If I'm going to leave them for longer than a day or two, I put Glad wrap over them as well (plastic wrap), because dust can still find its way up there.

You've got to see the desk!

See, I stick the WIPS on the very top shelf, so they don't get in an accident and get squished. I've finally got lots of working space--which is good, because I use it all. Love the OTT lite that is making a glare at the moment.

Lady Fae 2

That's a different face, isn't it? I keep playing around with different styles. I think Elise is still my favorite. I think I'll tone down this one's lips--they are looking a bit over the top in this picture. Hey, that's my cool tiger's eye bracelet in the background!

What I'm up to lately--lady fae

This is lady fae one--she's taking the back burner because I decided to do a face with more developed eyes. I finally rearranged my art room so I have space for a bunch of sculpts in the works--and believe me, I'm using it.

What I'm up to lately--toddler fae

Well, she is in serious need of some hands, but I think she'll turn out cute. Baking, paint, and hair always make the biggest difference!

Aack! Her bottom is missing!

Let's try that again with a smaller picture:

My first Baby Fae

I have done many older babies, but never a newborn. I know, I know--she's pressing it a little with those locks of hair--but it does happen from time to time. She turned out so cute--I love her. She was amazingly tricky to sculpt front and back--too much Cernit, I think--the clay was squishy. Though, now that she's sculpted, that's good for her, because, ironically, Cernit is an exceptionally strong clay when baked. Here she is: