Wednesday, July 23, 2008

French night

One day I plan on taking a picture like this myself. Of course, to do so, I'd actually need to be in Paris--but yes, that is part of the plan. Have you ever noticed how combining with others can create excitement and momentum for a plan? Last night was spent inside a Barnes and Noble's with 5 other friends, studying French. I actually used to speak it quite well --or at least understand it well. It's been fun to remember the language, and also remember how much I loved it. Of course, to be practical, it would make more sense to study Spanish, as I run into far more Spanish speakers--but, French makes my heart sing, and it could use a lot more singing!

Where does your heart call you?

On a side note, I have finished several more paintings and will be listing them on ebay or etsy soon. Thanks for your interest!

Bon Journee!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Raw Body

This is Carmella--I read her blog often and just bought her book of great recipes. That body is inspirational--and mostly came from eating healthy foods. That tummy is good for visualizing. After 5 babies, my tummy is my most troublesome area. I figure if I only focused on slimming that area, the rest would fall right into place. You can get Carmella's book here --very inexpensively!