Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 hours later....

I gave the baby some poutier lips and more of a button nose. That's better. I also did its ears, and those take a while. Sculpting is slow going, but the results fascinate me. Maybe I'll get to the legs tomorrow, but one of the arms is giving me some grief, and those hands will take a while to detail, but it sure is fun.

Sculpting is a lot like drawing in that you "rough-in" the body first. You go for basic shapes and the general idea, then move on to detailing. At this point, only the head is detailed, and one arm more completed than the other. If you detail everything as you go, you may find out the shapes are all wrong, and waste hours of work. Isn't that a cute little pose?

Some of the latest endeavors. The poor large baby head and fairy face have been waiting here forever, but the sleepy baby is brand new--my latest wip (Work in Progress).

Here's a better shot of the baby. I think I'll rework him a bit though.

The big sock. It's too big for my foot, so I don't know if I'll knit another or not. I'm hoping the stripey sock fits better.

Aren't those fun colors?

And lastly, the progress on the eyelet chemise sweater. The skirt part is done, now I'll be working on the top of it. Not that it's a just has a empire waist on it, and this is the...well, below the boobs part. (Can I make it any more clear?) =)

Saturday is a Special Day...

Saturday I get to check off another week of keeping this baby inside, growing safe and sound. Today I completed week 23. I was thinking it probably helps knowing this is my last baby...because I still have another 13 weeks to go to be in the clear for the most part.

I have to admit, I am making good use of the downtime, and sometimes outright enjoying it. I've read a lot, knitted a lot, and usually have a great book going on my iPod. It also makes time for lots of great insights about life in general.

The kids all went swimming for the end of school party yesterday, and it was a little sad to miss that. But I was able to go out and help celebrate our 8 yr old's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's. Heck, I even brought my knitting along. Check out this cutie:

Yeah...I forgot my camera. But at least they have the picture drawer there, so I got shots of all the kids, but Steph (no surprise there).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby vest...this is so cute!

I've been looking for a good baby project, and isn't this the cutest??? I love this little vest, and what's more, the pattern and instructions are online here. What a gem!

Other news...I am now 22 weeks along, which incidentally is the age of the youngest preemie to survive--at least according to one website. Not that I'm planning on letting this guy out a moment too soon, but with all my contraction trouble and hospital stays...I did find comfort in that random tidbit.

It is very strange to have much of each week simply reduced to checking off a number (like Week 22!), and THAT is the week's big accomplishment. But, I know it means a lot to Jordan, the little kicker inside me. =) It has been good to slow down and do a lot of journaling and pondering life in general. Somehow my other children have become that more precious.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Glad to have a girl...

Just in from San Francisco...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Wilmot Clan

So, these are my Dad's children, photo taken at his funeral. I'm the pregnant one in the while, then came Zeke, the handsome guy in the back row middle. Then Lani, my sis in red (who was also just barely pregnant at the time (congrats!) . Next came Nick, far left back row, John, far right back row, and last, Megan, far left front row. That's the Wilmot Clan.

Here is Megan with her son, my nephew, Talon. He is so cute and fun to play with!

It's weird how you are all kids together...and then you grow up into these big adults. It just is.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yea! My Yarn Order is Here!

Wow--that bag of 10 is for a sweater I'm going to make, minus the tummy showing. (Stretch marks just aren't sexy!) Have to admit all those balls are a bit daunting, but the yarn feels great, so it should be fun. The colorful kind is Felici Patina, and with make some funky, self-striping socks. I grabbed a color chart as well, because it was crazy trying to decipher what was what on the website. Well, off to cast-on I go.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Food Stuff...

Do you ever shop for a bunch of recipes, come home with a ton of groceries, get them all put away, and then wonder what's for dinner? Or "What was I going to make again?" I didn't want that to happen, so I armed myself with my camera. Pictures say a lot to me!

We did the Eggplant Parmesan...the kids loved it. No, we didn't add pickles. (how'd they get in this photo?)

This was for some Raspberry muffins from Marie's recipes I mentioned last post. Very tasty.

This was the best for coming home ready with a snack. Fuji apples are my favorite, and this caramel is the best!

We did a whole oven-fried tofu meal with lots of goodies from Marie. The family all like this one as well. I didn't know which Tony seasoning to buy, so we grabbed both. That's an English Cucumber up front.

And for a yummy smoothie.

Hmmm....I need to head to the kitchen find some more goodies. I think we have the caramel...but not apples. How did I manage that with the kids? Hiding the caramel, of course. Should have hid me some apples too! =)

What's for Dinner

Spinach and Artichoke dip from the Olive Garden Recipe...yummy!

The aftermath of the shopping excursion...this was a couple weeks ago.

Some yummy Pita & Olive Oil chips from Marie's recipe book.

The finished picture is at the top, along with my favorite salad lately...Simply tomatoes (Roma, if I've got them) cucumber, a little lettuce, and Light Italian dressing. It's so good! and easy!

Playing with the Fam...before the Bedrest days

Just catching up with some photos. I finally got an adapter for my Mac so it can handle an SD card. Very weird it didn't come equipped's practically perfect in everyway, just like Mary Poppins.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The verdict is's a....

Come anyone really surprised here? Another Jensen boy. If only we were into basketball, we'd have a whole team!

Downside is that the way we found out was by spending the night in the ER. My body is jumping the gun again and I was having painful contractions like crazy. So I've spent the weekend on bedrest, doped up on Lortab and Brethane...but at least it seems to get the contractions under control.

I'm 19 1/2 weeks. Yipe.

We go in for another check-up today, and I'll keep you posted. The happy news is that the baby is healthy and growing right on schedule. And, very obviously, a boy.

Steph is tickled to remain the only princess in our castle, and Jasen was hoping for a little brother anyway.

So there you go. anyone surprised? The only comments I've heard were, "I'll bet it's another boy!" =)