Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day...

Saturday I get to check off another week of keeping this baby inside, growing safe and sound. Today I completed week 23. I was thinking it probably helps knowing this is my last baby...because I still have another 13 weeks to go to be in the clear for the most part.

I have to admit, I am making good use of the downtime, and sometimes outright enjoying it. I've read a lot, knitted a lot, and usually have a great book going on my iPod. It also makes time for lots of great insights about life in general.

The kids all went swimming for the end of school party yesterday, and it was a little sad to miss that. But I was able to go out and help celebrate our 8 yr old's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's. Heck, I even brought my knitting along. Check out this cutie:

Yeah...I forgot my camera. But at least they have the picture drawer there, so I got shots of all the kids, but Steph (no surprise there).

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