Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby vest...this is so cute!

I've been looking for a good baby project, and isn't this the cutest??? I love this little vest, and what's more, the pattern and instructions are online here. What a gem!

Other news...I am now 22 weeks along, which incidentally is the age of the youngest preemie to survive--at least according to one website. Not that I'm planning on letting this guy out a moment too soon, but with all my contraction trouble and hospital stays...I did find comfort in that random tidbit.

It is very strange to have much of each week simply reduced to checking off a number (like Week 22!), and THAT is the week's big accomplishment. But, I know it means a lot to Jordan, the little kicker inside me. =) It has been good to slow down and do a lot of journaling and pondering life in general. Somehow my other children have become that more precious.

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