Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some of the latest endeavors. The poor large baby head and fairy face have been waiting here forever, but the sleepy baby is brand new--my latest wip (Work in Progress).

Here's a better shot of the baby. I think I'll rework him a bit though.

The big sock. It's too big for my foot, so I don't know if I'll knit another or not. I'm hoping the stripey sock fits better.

Aren't those fun colors?

And lastly, the progress on the eyelet chemise sweater. The skirt part is done, now I'll be working on the top of it. Not that it's a just has a empire waist on it, and this is the...well, below the boobs part. (Can I make it any more clear?) =)

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marie*jolie said...

That's awesome! Your knitting is going really well, and I love the little sculpted baby. How interesting to create a baby with your own hands, while your body creates one inside!