Wednesday, July 23, 2008

French night

One day I plan on taking a picture like this myself. Of course, to do so, I'd actually need to be in Paris--but yes, that is part of the plan. Have you ever noticed how combining with others can create excitement and momentum for a plan? Last night was spent inside a Barnes and Noble's with 5 other friends, studying French. I actually used to speak it quite well --or at least understand it well. It's been fun to remember the language, and also remember how much I loved it. Of course, to be practical, it would make more sense to study Spanish, as I run into far more Spanish speakers--but, French makes my heart sing, and it could use a lot more singing!

Where does your heart call you?

On a side note, I have finished several more paintings and will be listing them on ebay or etsy soon. Thanks for your interest!

Bon Journee!

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Marie Greene said...

Yay for French night! Tres bien!