Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Farewell to busyness…

The Universe and I are having a talk today. Universe, I realize I have said hundreds of times "I'm so busy" in one way or another. Thank you for honoring me! But now I'd like to change that. Because the deeper I look inside of me, I find that busyness is NOT me. The wonderful flow of ideas and new fun ways to spend my time is a wonderful gift—one I will always desire. But this way of making it tricky to fit things in—yuck. I'm not liking that. So let's change it.

I am experiencing having plenty of time for all the things I love.

I am experiencing enjoying each moment of my life.

I am experiencing sharing my joy with my children in calm, fun ways.

I am experiencing inspiration coming at convenient times, when I have pen and paper ready, or can easily hop on my computer and record it.

I am experiencing peace of mind, calmness in my soul.

I am releasing rushing and hurriedness.

I am savoring each moment.

I am speaking my truth.

I am knowing how to be ME.

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