Sunday, November 25, 2007

Art Journal Progress

So, I got my art journal--it's a cool little hand-stitched journal with a Chinese looking scene. Upon closer inspection, I found that the artwork is from a long time ago--either 1200 AD or BC--I forget! But how cool is that? I picked it up at a fun store in Park City months ago. Now it's got a great purpose.

ANYWAY...I'm still waiting to get my 5 year old me photo back from Costco's photo department, so the journal has just been sitting there. I did do the first steps--writing the excuses then covering with Gesso.

Sheesh--I'm an artist, and still I found a lot of excuses! After this I gesso-ed it, and now it waits. So, I jumped ahead. I wanted to see if I could make a face like SuziBlu--so I was looking at her Walking with Stars piece. Notice that was a link to her Cafe Press site. I want the poster! and the book, and the clock. So cute.

I've never really painted in acrylic before--not a face anyway, and not on paper. Just the spare block of wood here and there. So first I sketched out a similar face, and just started adding color. I had a big bottle of Liquitex pink--so I went crazy with it:

Just guessing here--and trying to look for shadows. Paint is fun to play with!

Hey, she's coming along. Now to outline a bit, and add some orange and white to the face:

Here she is in my journal--Inspired by Suzi Blu

That was fun--I learned a lot. I love doing eyes on my fairies, so this was extra fun having eyes be soooo big. I'm used to creating in a 2 mm space! (Fairies have tiny eyes). So, I guess this was my tribute to Suzi. I know many great artists began by studying the art around them. That helps me as well--so I can learn the process. Then I will branch out and discover ME more. Kind of like following a recipe before you cook and create your own recipes. It's great to just make art for art--not to sell, just to be tucked away in my journal. That's new for me. Thanks, Suzi!

Wonder what I'll do in this journal tomorrow....?????


Randy and Jenna said...

ohh! i really like her. that is so fun. today i get to be creative and i am having so much fun. i am making moms birthday present it is so much fun. i wish i had more time to do such things all the time. love the art journal. keep it up.

Randy and Jenna said...

so what is gesso? and i really like tasha and judy wise! i feel inspired.

aprylian said...

Just some white primer paint--it's in the art section by the paints. It made a cool texture the way I put it on. I'll post pics soon!