Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I am Thankful for...

  • Trebuchet font (first thing that popped into my head!)
  • My sweet husband Randy
  • my kids
  • my family
  • my computer (laptop--you knew that one had to be high on the list)
  • laughing
  • playing
  • Disneyland (Universe, a convenient trip there soon would be awesome!)
  • my health
  • energy work (soooo thankful!!!)
  • Tapping (no, not the dance)
  • the Internet
  • Christopher Westra
  • Suzi Blu, Donna Downey, and all the artsy blogs I read
  • Airport tours and understanding sisters =)
  • my body (where would I be without it?)
  • my life (well, that pretty much sums it all up now, doesn't it--I could put "everything")
  • longer lists and details
  • warm beds on cold nights
  • smiling children
  • big bright eyes
  • enthusiasm
  • hugs and "I love you's" from the kiddos
  • watching kids slide down stairs in sleeping bags
  • our van (still loving it very much--also seeing a Suburban in the near future--kids getting way big!)
  • sex (aren't you?)
  • snuggles
  • my hands
  • my talents
  • my gifts
  • God (He should probably have been at the top of the list--so imagine that)
  • lists in no particular order
  • video cameras
  • Art Journals
  • people sharing their lives
  • profound moments
  • feeling loved
  • gratitude
  • Manifesting (another top of the lister)
  • truth
  • meditation
  • kittens
  • funny-ness
  • yummy food

That list could go on forever--it's starting to feel done for today, so there you go. What are you thankful for?


1 comment:

Randy and Jenna said...

i liked the airport tour, it was fun. now we have a inside joke.