Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A steady stream of ideas….

I've been wondering about that "New Blog Post" option in Word, so today I decided to try it out—how cool—Word and Blogger must be friends cause they can chat with each other. Now, I'll have to learn how to make pictures part of the er….picture…so I can add those. I'm loving that I can save my blog entries right into word. If only I could set a default font—because I love Trebuchet.

Steady stream of ideas. I look over my life in the last 2 months—I took Jack Johnston's Professional Level Course on Dollmaking—loved it—and made a 14 inch art doll. It was amazing and I met some really cool people. I've never felt so at home! There were other people just like me, getting happy and excited about the same things I do! While there I met some awesome gals that made realistic baby dolls. So I ventured into that arena, and loved doing that. And then I've been working on my fairy books and sculpting fairy babies and this and that. But now my latest love is these art journals and folk art from people like Suzi Blu and Kelly Rae Roberts. Something about creating so quickly really appeals to me. See, sculpting takes hours and hours, and often weeks to complete a project. I LOVE the end result, but I can feel my joy waning along the way, and the old "I must endure and get it done" mentality can creep up. That is not me—or at least, it's a part of me I don't want to be so alive in me anymore. It may have been helpful for high GPAs in college, but it doesn't work with art. There is no forcing the muse. Art and inspiration flow in a peaceful, relaxed state.

I've stood back and been curious and I follow my joy, and see it take me from one thing to another. I must be addicted to the thrill of something new. Though I love each and every element—all the different ways of expression. I like to see it as the Universe answering my desire to fill my life with joy. There is part of me that knows my joy better than I do. I'm being given a tour, I think. "Here Apryl—you love this and this and this—and so many things." I love creating. I love taking ideas—or receiving them—and bringing them into a tangible reality that all can see and appreciate. This is what artists do. And the other thing I am learning…we are all artists. And we all contribute in our own amazing ways.

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