Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Embracing Commonalities

I found this video today, and while it's one more effective when you are feeling down or alone, it's message is timeless.

I've spent the last few years studying like crazy--and especially studying different beliefs and religions. Two things I've noticed that speak to me strongest. The first commonality is love. When on choses to love, to live with an open heart and be accepting, people can completely relate to each other--they already share a religion--the religion of love. Personally, I consider this the most divine quality. Whenever I move to a place of love, I find peace. The second common theme is that of our own divinity--that we are children or extensions of a divine source of love and light.

No matter how sad or dark I have been, always allowing myself to ponder on these two truths brings me peace and connection with God. We live in a world of illusion--as if we are far away on this planet and God is somewhere else. The trick is to see through the illusions of the eyes, to see God all around us.

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