Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Art and Apples

My favorite thing to eat lately is Brie cheese and Fuji apples. I was a red delicious girl all my life--but not any more--FUJI is the best!

Speaking of apples. This one is called "Alice contemplates her Apple"

I love her cute little face and bright eyes.

Next, here is a collage piece I'm working on--looking scary right now as I gessoed the area for the face, but it will look great once the face is on there!

And then another paper collage piece I'm working on as well. I like its feel so far. I'm learning to work in stages so they can dry and i don't get bored waiting. Now I have a few projects here waiting for their next steps--all dry and ready to go.

Click on the pics for a bigger view.


1 comment:

rachel said...

Fujis are the absolute best! They always seem to stay crisp. Enjoy your apple & projects!