Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This was too funny--I have to share it. I often take pictures of Jasen and the other kids (when they were little) when they are fresh out of the tub, all wet-haired and cute, WRAPPED UP IN THEIR TOWELS and definitely covered. But apparently Jasen still realized, underneath all the towels and blankets, he was still naked. So right now, he's fresh out of the tub, in my bed (COVERED with blankets--did I make that clear enough yet?) singing, "Mom, you got to take a picture of me naked! Right now!"

Too funny. He means, naked covered up in towels and blankets, with just his head and arms showing. I wonder if he knows we are all naked in our clothes?

His other latest thing is "Definitely"--as in "I definitely want some water." I like to reply, "Are you sure about that?" but he doesn't get it yet. The other kids do. =) And there is something too funny about a 4 year old saying, "Oh, Sweet!" when he sees something exciting to him. Of course, my 6 year does this too. We don't say this--so I'm thinking it's their Uncle RANDY's doing!

Definitely posting to you later, and off to take naked pics, (hee hee)


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