Tuesday, February 12, 2008

101 and things to do with my life....

A good friend of mine, Marie, mentioned in her blog how she has a list of 101 things she wants to do with her life. At first I thought--that list sounds kind of small--I mean, life is pretty long, after all, for most of us. But then when I started wondering about what my list would look like, I started thinking--could I list 101 things? I want them to be significant after all. So I thought here would be a good place to record it--because it's not one of many journals I can easily lose track of.

I also wondered about people's lists--do they tend to be filled with whatever they have found lacking in their lives? What can we learn from people's lists? I wonder if mine will fill with adventures, because I've felt I've had to work and miss the fun (or tend the children) as I was growing up. Or is it just because I like adventure and travel? Who knows? Who cares--let's get started.

Here it is--as far as I get today--in no particular order:

Go to Hawaii with my children. Something about leaving them and going across the ocean freaks me out, so I'd take them, and perhaps bring a sitter as well.

Go to Nauvoo. I went as a child and fell in love with the trees and atmosphere. I want to experience it as an adult.

Create a membership site--happily, this one is underway.

Live in the country--have my own land and garden.

Build an eco-friendly home with my own hands. Why? I don't know--it calls to me.

Have the ability to speak confidently, coherently, and comfortably in front of people. I know, I know--fear of speaking in front of people is top on most people's fear list--I've been told I don't need to overcome this--it's common. But the difference is--I'm not afraid to--in fact, I really want to--but my body won't co-operate. I get shaky, turn red, lose my train of thought--and half the time my lip quivers. I HATE it. It's absolutely NOT ME. And I'm fine with a few friends I love and am comfortable with. It's something about having a crown turn its attention to me that brings up the reactions. So yes, this one is definitely on my list.

Decorate bedrooms with my kids--however they want it--slides, ropes from the ceiling--anything--I'm game. Childhood should be fun--the kind of fun you don't lose as an adult. (ooh, starting to notice my issues here--yes, I had one of those "be a grown up at age 7" kind of childhoods).

Create A Place of Healing--the actual brick and mortar kind--to be a center of learning, help, and healing for people seeking just these things.

Have a raw and vegetarian food cafe. I'm not even a vegetarian--but I LOVE Sage's Cafe and kindness to animals. I love healthy foods that are yummy. If I go to a fast food place, most of the time it's only because it was there and available and convenient (not even because it's cheap--because with 5 kids, they aren't!). Why not have the same availability of yummy foods that nourish and love your body--instead of stress it out and pollute it?

Live in a solar/wind/water-powered home. We love driving by the windmills at the point of the mountain. My daughter says, why don't we just use this clean power?-- as we round the hill and see the cloud of smog over the Salt Lake Valley? Why indeed! Apparently because we like to slowly kill ourselves, any way we can. It really is that simple--stop doing things that harm yourself. I've been in conversations where the main point is, but it's so expensive to use natural resources. Personally, I think it just hasn't become a priority for people. We are too divided in this--if we all felt the same about it--we'd find away. Honestly, in a world of Ask and Receive--we just aren't asking--what else could it be?

Hmmm...well, it looks like this exercise brings out the writer in me...who, unlike the speaker, has plenty of ideas and opinions about everything. So I'll get back to this, or just do it in pieces. My little 4 year old Jasers wants some Mama time--and since number eleven will probably be "Be a good Mom" --I hear my call to action!

What will your list look like?


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