Monday, February 11, 2008


Today we went with the kids to see the movie "Water Horse"--it was a fine show as far as kid shows go, but that's not what I wanted to talk about. As I was sitting in the theatre, more interested in my kids' smiles than the movie--not that the show was boring--it's just that those grins are so intoxicating. Anyway, I just felt such gratitude for them. One of my kids noticed I was watching them and I gave him a wink--and in that moment, I thought of my mom. Once in a while she'd smile and wink at us, and even get emotional--and most of the time I was not old enough to understand and just young enough to think she was strange--at least a bit over dramatic. But tonight--I got it. She was just brimming with love for us, and had such a different view of life by now. She went through some tough things, but always tried to have the beautiful smile for us.

She left just days ago, and now she and my step-Dad are living in Korea for the next year and a half for a Church mission. My mother is more of a timid soul, so this was a big step for her--and she was most nervous about the food--which struck me as funny. Now she's off to share that radiant smile with others. I guess I miss her already--but it doesn't feel quite like it. We typically saw each other once a month, so I'm thinking after a few months go by, it will really kick in. It's just strange knowing she's not just an hour away. What I did realize when she left is that it was okay for her to go--I'm at peace with her. There is nothing unsaid. Her hopes and intentions were always known. She has a very pure heart.

That's enough for tonight.

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Randy and Jenna said...

I love that pic of mom! it is beautiful. it is weird that they are gone! huh? i know they are gone, i think it will hit when there is a party and they are not there!