Thursday, January 24, 2008

What to say today....?

Well, Jairen, my almost 12 year old, and I have been sick. I've been so glad Randy works from his home office and has been able to be around and care for us between his appointments. I've been working on my Male sculpting book tonight, and I put together a little video of a Santa head I made for my grandma for Christmas.

As I've been going through the pictures for the sculpting book, it was fun seeing how the face went from this (first pic) to the handsome hunk at the bottom. It's truly and amazing process.

It was good to work tonight. I found out from my friend Michelle's blog that Heath Ledger had died--so the fragility of life has been on my mind. Then my brother called to say an old friend of ours had died--and his wife had died just 3 weeks previous. With all the powers of the mind, I wonder if he was lonely and just wanted to follow after?

So, I think and ponder for a while, then it helps me to zone out and work--and working on the book was great. There are so many things about life we could spend our days just stunned at the amazingness of it all. Sometimes it's best to just say, Wow, and go on.

Speaking of work, I am beginning to put together a membership site. I'm excited about it, and I really like the format. I love teaching and sharing what I've learned. I'll tell you more as it evolves.

Off to watch Aquamarine with the hubby. He's probably lonely for me. =) Best make each day a good one!

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Marie Greene said...

Apryl- You've been on my mind! Life is slowing down here, and it's a wonderful thing. I enjoyed your post, because I, too, have been thinking a lot about mortality and how precious our time is. Drop me a line whenever. You're in my thoughts! -marie