Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy moments....

My fun sister in law had these shots taken this summer--and it made me happy to see our happy faces. I've got a great family--and I LOVE TO HAVE FUN! This is me, my brother Randy, sister in law Liz, and brother Jared, who can't find the camera. ;)

Then me & Jenna, having a serious conversation, apparently, and my cute boys in the background. I'm almost always playing with their hair--they are good to not get too bugged! ;)

As far as work goes, I'm almost ready to send off my commission sculpt. I'll take pics tomorrow and get them posted sometime afterward. I LOVE finishing a sculpt--Ta-da--I did it!

Off to check out Suzi Blu!

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Michelle A. said...

Apryl - On a whim, I typed your name in google to see where you are in the world, and up came all sorts of websites! I hope you remember me, of course, how could you not forget your very messy room mate from rick's college! This has to be you, I would recognize your face anywhere! Would love to connect with you if you are interested. So great about all the things your are up to. You can reach my blog and email through my profile page if you click my name. or try my home email at c and m alley @ - no spaces of course. Take care and good seeing yoU! Michelle