Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just me...

I found this picture in a newsletter--I didn't realize it had even been taken! That's the peasant top I wore that has a baby-doll cut--and after I wore it to Church one Sunday--I starting hearing that there was a rumor that I was pregnant. Sheesh--it's just style, baby! Not babies. But I guess, when you have 5 kids, you never know. Anyway, I miss my summer tan, but I still have my fun opalite necklace. I wore it first with Randy on a cool trip to Moab.

Well, we took the plunge and are now VIP members with Gold's gym. We've been warming up to it by soaking in the hot tub there a few nights in a row, as we get over our colds. But those weights are calling to me. I get so much stronger. Time to get back to it--it's just in the New Year air, isn't it?

What am I up to? Well, today I started processing the 360 something pictures I took while making the male fairy. That's right--a new fairy book is in the making. They sure are work to get together--hours and hours--but then it's done. I've been so glad people have really appreciated my sculpting books. It's been fun to go through the pics and see the sculpt progress. I'm hoping to get it done within the week--we'll see. I've been getting a lot of requests for the female face & body book, so I need to get that one going as well.

My favorite part of today was taking pictures of Jasen, my newly 4 - 4 yr old. I'll have to post them when I get them transferred over. He's finally feeling better--but coughs up a storm if he runs around much.

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Michelle A. said...

Apryl - it's so great to see you having so many talents and things you are up to. Here is my email so we can contact each other easier: