Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding MY style

Here she is--a painting finally all my own, completely my own style. This is just from my art journal--so the surface is kind of ruddy--but I like the face and I like the clown look. I like the dots are her eyelashes. Click the image for a better view

Here's another shot of the gift canvases I made. They are the smaller width, not gallery. I like both widths.
And here's my intentional project for the day--cleaning up after finishing my sculpt. I used to call my daughter Hurricane Stephanie----hmmmm....I think I know where she gets it. I've realized the trouble though--it's 2 part. First, cleaning as I go simply distracts me--I get really into the piece I'm working on and don't like to stop the "flow"--so changing that is pretty much out. Second--cleaning just BORES ME TO DEATH. So I need to find a way to make it more fun and exciting. Good luck. Mostly, I just get excited about how nice it will look all clean, so I can sculpt or paint and make a mess again. Really, that's what keeps me going. I don't love to clean, but I do love a clean area. I think I see a way my kids can earn some extra money cleaning for me--once they get competent enough (and I decide on a place for everything). There are somethings I'd rather just pay for than do, and cleaning is one of them.

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