Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some paintings I've been working on. None are really "done" but I wanted to post some progress! I think I need to make another arm on this gal. I used a canvas board I found at dollar tree--don't use them--way to rough. So she's very textured looking. But I learned a lot. Like if I make the faces too small it's hard to add much detail.

This one is on nice canvas. Just waiting to make a collage dress and wings, highlight the hair and thin out the face a bit. Then I'll play with the background more and give it a brown border. I love brown and turquoise--matches my swimsuit. Mostly I'm waiting for the watercolor pencils from dickblick so I can detail the faces better.

Just another experiment with a more realistic face. Steph said I've learned how to make old people skin. She's right. I'm still working on learning how to layer acrylics. Wanting those pencils...that's how people do the detail work, I've learned. This one looks better on paper--Maybe I took it at a weird angle. I'll fix her up and post when I'm done. =)

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Randy and Jenna said...

i really like the top picture. she looks very jane austen. awesome paintings!