Monday, December 10, 2007

Earthly Arts Gardens

I was writing in my manifesting journal the other day--which is essentially a list of all the things I'd like to have in my life--and I'd written down great landscaping. So then today I came across these pictures from Earthy Arts. Yep, that's a before and after picture. Apparently they do this for a business, so now, when I have my home a property, I'll know who to call!

So I've been working on my male fairy commission--about 6 hours into it. He's coming along. I'll post pics later. I also did a new painting in my art journal last night, and i'll have to show that too. It's a more natural, realistic looking face. It turned out nice.

It snowed a foot here, and the kids had a blast playing in it yesterday!

Plus, I found out my parents are going to Korea for 18 months. What an adventure!

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Randy and Jenna said...

i really like that version of across the universe. awesome. i am excited for pictures!