Monday, December 03, 2007

My first Painting on Canvas!

Hmmm--I could have sworn I took some progress pics, but I'm not finding them. So here she is almost done, with bits of beeswax I'm about to melt with my quilting iron (though I don't quilt).

Melty, melty...

She looked cool with the wax, but even cooler when I took some white ink and spread it around with tissue paper--made the texture POP out!

Outside pic above, inside at my desk below. Ott lights simulate the sun pretty well, eh?

I added some gold to her eyes and lips. Well, that was fun. Felt weird to paint on a canvas, but now I've tackled that one. the next will be easier.

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Randy and Jenna said...

that is so cool! you are very talented! i am not sure why my blog is not showing up right? hmm. it works okay on my computer. i love your first painting on canvas!!!