Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sharing Light

Still recovering this morning. I guess I'm just shocked the more conscious I become--the more our world understands the effect of our thoughts on the world around us--why would we spend any time creating more violence? It's beyond me. I'm finding it helpful to focus on things I love and enjoy. I read this wonderful quote from Kelly Rae Roberts this morning. This is more of what the world needs!

"a sweet someone said to me recently, "i see your light." my heart sank with tenderness. she gets it. she gets me. she understands that with all the cracks, there is light, too. our lightness within is not only our own personal divinity, but a collective divinity, too. when we show up and be who we are. when we ask for what we want and nurture our spirits. when we live whole and true and messy and free, then we begin to release all that lightness into the world and we allow the lightness and goodness of others people and experiences to enter our hearts. then we're all walking around in the world with bright energy as we tackle the everyday to-do list or deeper matters of the heart. before he passed away, john's uncle roy used to tell me that inside my own heart is a light. when we peel away the layers of stress and confusion and worry and fear, there it is. the light we hold within our hearts is god - our own divinity of everything that is perfect and true. when we begin to see ourselves clearly, without the layers of muck, we are most in touch with what is divine. i'll never forget uncle roy. what a treasure he was to me. he is, as this painting is titled, deeply loved and unforgettable. he taught me that all i will ever need is already within. my light is my sweetest companion and with me always, even when it gets a bit cloudy. it's always there."

Thanks for the reminder, Kelly!

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