Friday, December 21, 2007

My life is still unwritten....

Today, I bought a guitar. I love my pretty guitar, but now my fingers are killing me. Did you know you need callouses on your fingers to play a guitar? Hmmmm...maybe I could put a layer of superglue on each finger tip? Why'd I get a guitar? I don't know exactly--it's been calling to me for nearly a year now. So we'll see--Jairen loves them, so maybe we'll learn to play together.

It's fun to try something new--something unexpected. Life is always unwritten until we decide:

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Randy and Jenna said...

i got a guitar for christmas a few years ago. i have always wanted to learn how to play it, before i met randy i had learned a few chords. but that ended when i met randy. i got a really cool book that teaches you to play the guitar. randy has one too. maybe one day, we will learn together.

it really hurts on the fingers, huh? i had built up pretty good callouses. but alas they are gone now.