Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sage's and IKEA and a sweet husband...

So, just when it was about an hour and a half before closing, I asked Randy if he'd run me up to IKEA in Draper so I could put up a new shelf-set. I told him if we made it fast enough, we'd be in time for dinner at Sage's Cafe as well. He was already saying sure--even before my enticement. We had a nice evening together. I was especially glad I brought Randy along--the bookshelf weighed like 200 lbs! Husbands are so handy.

Hmmm....weird blur...anyway--so that's what I'll be doing tomorrow--revamping the artroom. I have so neglected my vibration in that room--isn't that crazy? I love seeing every art supply I have--but if it's not orderly--pretty soon I make a whole mess of the room. It's like I'm great at entrainment--I just need to entrain UP--not down. So, here's to up. I can see a new flat monitor in my future as well--and eventually, an iMac. Though I use my laptop the most, so maybe an iBook first. We'll see. Right now I'm just working on neat and tidy with new furniture. I love Donna Downey's artspace. I think she's got two of these bookcases.

Have you noticed that money manifests much sooner when you give it a becoming? I think it doesn't like just being paper. I mean, if you could be anything in the world--how satisfying would being stuck in the paper state be? But when I have a specific goal for what I want the money to become--it comes right along. Cool. One day, I'll really have the hang of this universe stuff. =)

So my Marie is gone...=( But I'm glad she's off having some fun--she deserves it. She put together a cute card tutorial before she left. Wanna see? Here it is.

I'm just reminded of my blog post many months ago about wanting girlfriends to go out to lunch with. Now I get to experience that a lot--and it's just a fun as it looked like it would be. And Randy's probably glad he's not having to be my surrogate girlfriend anymore. =)

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Cherry Tree said...

Hi Apryl! I just found your blog. I hope you don't mind if I add it to my list. Nice bookshelf! I love organizing up and I love to see everything. Have a happy day!