Thursday, May 29, 2008

Etsy shop is officially open!

Happily, I received several emails from people interested in purchasing my paintings, so I spent yesterday at a couple different print shops seeing how they'd turn out. I loved them! Wow--I'm used to creating sculptures and only having a photo to remind me of it. Prints are so much like the original! It helps with the separation anxiety with my artwork. Actually, I really love selling my work because I love hearing how people enjoy the art. It makes me happy to create it, and I love finding a happy client as well. Share the joy, right?

Anyway, you can find the etsy shop here:

So, this whole painting tangent is another thing I never saw coming. How did it get started? Well, I think it was Jenna, my sis-in-law that happened to post about a cute painting she'd seen on etsy. And thus it began. Truly, as my banner says, Open your heart---discover what's inside. That's what I've been doing. It's an amazing process.

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rachel said...

ongratulations! beautiful work!