Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Hike & Words of Kindness

A nice family hike. My sister-in-law, Jenna, is the best at taking pictures at our family events. So here I am (in the pink) with my cousin & brothers and the kiddos out for a fun stroll. I love my family! Click on the picture for a bigger version. Isn't Utah Lake beautiful in the background?

Here's another happy thing--I got the sweetest compliment on my paintings from a new friend:

"I don't find your work "somber" at all, (you commented that you're an up beat person and don't know why your faces never smile.) Frankly I find them contemplative. (Except Alice--she reminds me of whimsy.) I look at those faces and into those eyes and I find myself transported to a quiet, meditative place I didn't know existed. What's more, I like being there."

Wow--wasn't that sweet? I did another painting tonight, but I'm not finished so I'll post it later. I'll probably sell more of them. I like having the money come in to buy more canvases with--letting my art fund my hobby is lots of fun. =)


The Thomas Clan said...

Just came over from Paulette's site - a big fan of her work. Are any of your painting for sale? They are just wonderful.
Best wishes

aprylian said...

Yes, simple sign up using the form on the right to be notified when I have new paintings available. Thanks for your kind words!


Lisa said...

I followed you from comments at Suziblu's blog. Your paintings are fantastic! I can't believe you've just learned. I'm also a law of attraction lover so I'm really excited to meet you. I've added you to my bloglines. :)

aprylian said...

Thanks! Yes, the Law of Attraction rocks! I see it in action in my life each day. The best part is, it's available to all of us--the great equalizer, eh? =)