Sunday, May 18, 2008

And some paintings....

I finally got this chick-a-dee ready to show. I outlined her irises in ultramarine blue, and that one thing really through me off in the color scheme. The background was a turquoise before, but she was just not happy with it. So I kept washing in some browns and eventually gold--and then she came to life. I put a golden wash (Lumiere) over those blue irises, and that made all the difference. She didn't want blue eyes--so now she has golden green.

The texture effect on the background is modeling paste by Liquitex--very fun. very much liking the play with that!!!

I swear I start out envisioning a happy face--yet they never end up that way. Gee, I think I'm a pretty upbeat person! Something I hear alot is that my eyes are very soulful--so that's a nice compliment. I'd like to tie these paintings into my Creating Consciously work--but they don't look happy to create consciously! What's the deal? Oh, well--I go where the muse takes me! =)

Here's one of those sketches I birthed into a full-blown painting. I'm still not sure if I like this one or not. It happened when I added the sticker--and suddenly the painting required some reds and purples to tie it in. It's on masonite, and I've sanded down the colors. I do love this face though.

I used Golden Fluid acrylic for the black--and I LOVE it. Such a rich pigment. I'm sold.

A bit of a glare. I'll reshoot when I've decided whether or not to keep this particular background. I'm still leaning toward a redo. She doesn't look like all she needs is love anyway. Hmmm.... I think I need to let my creations decide, rather that the stick phrases I find!

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