Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thinks happen...

Just a bit from my journal today:

In every moment of the day, we are choosing. By each thought we hold in our mind, we are choosing what we desire to create in our universe. By selecting thoughts and bringing them to mind, we are re-membering—and to re-member, is to organize again the bits and pieces that make up ourselves and our world.

Each of spends each day projecting onto the canvas of reality. The thoughts we think or have thought many times, each become an aspect of the world we live in. We are all doing this simultaneously, and without enough curiosity and alertness, we might make the mistake of thinking “things just happen.”

As a student of creating consciously, we know better. “Thinks” happen—but with every thought we think, we are choosing, we are adding our bit to the manifested world.

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Marie Greene said...

Thinks happen... I love it!