Saturday, June 21, 2008

A night on The Roof...

So, within the last couple of weeks I've been really wanting to go out to eat at The Roof.
It's a fancy restaurant in Salt Lake City. So decided to just ask the experience in. I figured the money would show up somehow--and when I came into some unexpected cash flow--that would be my queue.

I noticed I had a habit of asking for money for something fun, then have it manifest, and THEN deciding to use the money on something more boring and responsible--or just to hang on to it for fear of "who know's when the next cash was coming in." This kind of messes up the manifesting mojo. Part of the desire is also experiencing the fruition. Being left in desire with no...dare I no fun at all.

So today, the unexpected check came--and I made reservations and off we went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And as for the other bills left unpaid? There's still time for manifesting for those needs as well.

The point? When the Universe delivers--honor it by doing what you wanted. Trust that more is always on its way.

Those are my thoughts for the day. That, and ...when you go to a fancy gourmet buffet--always hit the dessert table first. You know you DEFINITELY want to have room for that! Mmmm...the peach crepes were divine.

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Marie Greene said...

This is so cool, and so darn true! When I manifested the money to go to Hawaii I remember thinking maybe I should be "responsible" and use the money toward bills. But seriously, I created the money with the momentum and passion of what I wanted, so it's basically a betrayal of self to use it in some other way. When I realized that my very passion was what created the means to take that trip, doing anything else with the money would have been practically sacrilegious! I love that you took yourself out for a swanky dinner. Good for you!