Friday, June 20, 2008

Passion Poster

So, my dear friend Marie, was asking if I had a Passion Poster--and, yes, I do...but it seriously needs to be undated. I think I made it in 2000? I had a lot of passion for Montana then, where my husband is from. We did live there one year since, and I had a wonderful time. But, each new year brings new desires and new opportunities.

I still LOVE this log home--and I could certainly use one of those in my life:

Yes, those are cracks from getting bent, and in the full picture, much of it got torn off in different moving adventures. Hmmmm....I've been neglecting the SPECIFICITY of my passions!

So, I'll follow Marie's advice--she is the passion expert after all--and start a new one.

Oh, one note. Under the picture of the earth, this is what is says: "Adversity is not an adequate deterrent."

Yikes. Yes, as well as doing the things on this board, I also went through A LOT of adversity. But look at my belief--that sentence actually pumped me up at one point. This time I look at it and think--why would I want to create adversity? That was silly.

Live and learn, eh?

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Marie Greene said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are revved up and excited to create a new passion poster. You know I can't wait to see it. Make sure you throw a little snippet on there about our "girl's only" trip to Kauai. *grin* Can't wait for that!