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More on Coconut Oil and Recipes


Coconuts and Candida

I have been using the coconut oil from the wilderness family, and they have
some good info on their site that I thought was informative. I recently
purchased some really good coconut oil from the Orem Herb Shop called Nutiva
for 30.00. That was three dollars more than the wilderness family oil that I
found at Real Foods in Orem, but it is a bigger jar! :-)

Real Foods carries the Wilderness family product line, so they have coconut
vinegar and coconut spread and other fun coconut products.

Below is are rather lengthy combinations of posts that I wrote to LDSRaw on
the same subject. ;) It has some good recipes using coconuts (carob cups are
a favorite). BTW I found that honey agrivated my candida for a while. But
once I cleaned out the candida and parisites, I could eat it again. I will
post the coconut notes in a separate post. LOL! Sry for the book!

I did a google on Candida + Coconuts and came up with these:

I ate a coconut a day (sometimes 2 depending on what my body wanted) and
still do.
I also did skin brushing to help my liver detox, and used enemas to flush
out my colon. ( I still do the skin brushing before my shower in the
morning) At this time I was VERY poisoned with yeast. I couldn't eat food
without having an allergic reaction. At first it was sugar, then it was
ANYTHING I ate. My face would swell, my lips, I had hives as well as
depression and panic attacks. THE DAY I went raw I went into detox. I made
soups with my vitamix so my body could even absorb nutrients. I also
ingested coconuts everyday as well as coconut butter. I would use it as
lotion, and also ate it right out of the jar with a spoon. I craved it!!!
Its funny, my first coconut I absolutely hated, but then I started to crave
them! LOL!

Also, I have found that my diet has simplified since then. I drink lots of
green drinks that have coconut water, meat and or coconut butter with them
daily. When I want a treat I'll make something like a desert, but its rare.
I mainly focus on eating plenty of greens (1-2 bunches of deep green
leafies) as well as a coconut a day. Coconuts and greens are my mainstay,
and I have been free of candida problems ever since. The coconut butter you
can eat with a spoon! I think it tastes good... just let it melt in your
mouth. MMMmmm. If that is unappealing then you can warm it up by running
warm water over the jar until you have a little melted oil in the jar and
blending into your smoothies... just don't add ice to your smoothies and
keep them room temp or you will be eating little coconut butter beads with
your smoothie! ;)
Keeping your coconut butter on the warmer runs the risk of cooking it and
destroying the delicate enzymes that are in the oil. You could keep it in a
dark cool place and it will stay soft enough to work with.
Some things that I found helped... eat less nuts, honey, and dehydrated
foods. Eat plenty of fruit, leafy greens and coconuts! So nice! I love my
food and my food loves me!!!!
At the bottom of my post there are some websites and recipes. I'm also
posting some notes in our files from a luncheon/lecture that I attended
about coconut oil and olive leaf. I'm studying olive leaf now because of the
great information that I got from the gal who spoke. Her contact info is on
the notes, if you want to call her. Olive leaf also has anti fungal
properties and is useful for combating candida and other problems. I have an
Olive tree in my front yard in Vegas!!!!! This whole time and I never knew!

Good Reads:
Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko
COCONUT CURES by Bruce Fife explore this site!! read the blogs,
get on the newsletter, read the articles, check out their recommended
reading. Good site and great products! This is the oil that I use.

My Happy Drink

1 coconut, water and meat
1 orange
Blend until mixed.
2-3 cups (2-3 large handfuls) of ORGANIC (yes there is a difference
especially with spinach) spinach
Put in blender in this order and blend until smooth. If spinach goes in
first it gets frothy, I dunno why.
While you are blending, be running warm water over coconut butter jar. When
your smoothie gets all blended and is bright green, put blender on low and
slowly add melted coconut butter... about 1-2 tablespoons worth. You can
omit the coconut oil and add ice instead if you want it to be cold.
Drink. Smile.

I have felt no hope with my battle with candida. I struggled with that
dragon since I was a child and have felt the frustration of looking every
where for an answer, trying every suggestion from allopathic to homeopathic
and having nothing work. THIS WORKS! Trust the food. Trust your inner voice
that tells you to eat something that sounds like a strange combination (no,
not the one that wants chocolate dipped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).
. One of my strange promptings is now one of my favorite blends. I call it
my happy drink! It's that good. I put it just below the Good Books to read.

I healed my sytemic candida with raw coconut butter and young
coconuts in my diet.Or I should say coconuts healed ME! Thank you Lord for
making the

At the time I was eating about 50-60% of my diet raw foods (nothing
fancy...lots of salads, especially spinach, olives that are soaked to get
the salt out, dressings made of olive oil and lemon, young thai coconuts,
smoothies with coconut in it, fruit and veggies of choice, lots of raw
greens and
fruit juices... my favorite is apple, lemon, kale, or apple, lemon,
and a ton of ginger.. and sometimes a raw pie made with carob. I had a
severe dependance on chocolate and still struggle with it from time to
time, and raw carob has been a life saver.

You can make a TON of stuff with young coconut or with raw coconut butter!
Pies, candy, fudge, cake frosting, whip cream, smoothies, cakes,
soups,noodles for pad thai, sauces, coconut keifer, yogurt... many recipes
for these are in our recipe files and also can be found online.Iposted some
below my post.
When I first started using coconuts I ate at least one young thai
coconut a day, usually in a smoothie, and then I learned how to make
and deserts with them, so I definately increased the amount that I used
Then I started using raw coconut butter every day, I used it as a
lotion and I would eat a tablespoon of it in the morning. The raw coconut
butter is spendy compaired to the less exspensive cooked version that you
can purchase
at the health food store, but it's worth every penny! I looks
different, and
tastes much better, and I believe I recieved more benefits from the
raw than the cooked.


Here are some web sites on the benefits of eating raw coconut butter
and young thai coconuts

Our recipe file:

Making keifer and cheese from the Body Ecology Diet

My favorite coconut recipes

Coconut water
Open coconut, insert straw. Drink
Use a spoon and scoop out meat. Eat.
Do this while submerged in a hot bath. Heaven.

Orange juice:
One young coconut, water and meat
One orange
Blend until completely mixed, no chunks are left... drink!
(variations: add strawberries and a banana)

Young Coconut Pad Thai with Almond Chile Sauce
from the book Raw

Tamarind Juice:
2 Tamarind Pods (can be found in the Mexican spices section.. I got mine at
Whole Foods. I've seen them at Reams too!)
Filtered Water as Needed

Pad Thai
2 Tablespoons Tamarind Juice
1 ½ T. Maple Syrup
1 ½ T. Nama Shoyu
1 ½ t. Minced garlic
1 ¼ t. minced Serrano Chile
1 T. Extra virgin olive oil
¼ t. Celtic Sea Salt
1 c. julienned zucchini
1 c. finely shredded red cabbage
1 c. julienned carrot
½ c. julienned red onion
1 c. juienned, skin-on Granny Smith Apple
½ c, julienned red bell pepper
3 c. julienned young Thai coconut meat
1 Serrano Chile, thinly sliced
2 T. fresh cilantro leaves
Celtic sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Almond Chile Sauce
½ c. raw almond butter
1 T. minced, peeled fresh ginger
2 cloves garlic

1 Thai Dragon Chile (I used thai chiles that I bought at 99 Ranch
Market in Chinatown)
2 T. freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 T. maple syrup
1 T. nama shoyu
¼ c. filtered water if need to thin
Celtic sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Don’t mix with Chile sauce (read instructions on what to do with these)
4 teaspoons nama shoyu
2 t. cold pressed sesame oil
¼ c. spicy Cashews


To make the tamarind Juice; Split open the tamarind pods and discard
the pods. Place the pulp-covered seeds in filtered water to cover and
let soak for 1 hour. Drain and, using your fingers, remove the pulp that
surround the seeds; discard the seeds. Place the pulp in a small bowl and
in just enough filtered water to create a smooth, medium bodied mixture
Measure out 2 tablespoons; reserve the remainder for another use.

To make the pad Thai: In a high speed blender combine the Tamarind
juice, maple syrup, shoyu, garlic, minced Serrano Chile, olive oil, and
salt and process until smooth. Place the zucchini, cabbage, carrot, onion,
apple, bell pepper, coconut meat, sliced Serrano Chile, and cilantro in a
Add the tamarind puree and toss to coat. Season the mixture to taste with
salt and pepper.

To make the Almond Chile Sauce:
In the high-speed blender, combine the almond butter, ginger,
garlic, Thai Chile, lemon juice, maple syrup, and shoyu and processs until
smooth. Adding the water to thin if necessary. The sauce should have the
consistency of melted ice cream. Season to taste with salt and pepper

Assembly- Arrange some of the Pad Thai mixture in the center of each plate.
Spoon one fourth of the Almond Chile Sauce, 1 teaspoon of the shoyu
and ½ teaspoon of the sesame oil around the pad Thai. Sprinkle with the

Serves 4

Coconut Cream Pie

Julia Holt

1 c. nuts
1 c. dates ( I have recently been replacing the dates with Agave Nectar or
maple syrup. For some reason I have been noticing that dates bother me. I
also saw a new product called Yacon Root Syrup that looks interesting.)
2 T. carob

Press into pie pan

½ C. dates
Meat of 4 coconuts
1 C. dry coconut

Blend and fill Crust
layer of sliced strawberries

Whipped Chocolate Frosting

Julia Holt

In vitamix blend:

meat of 1 coconut

3 T. macadamia/ cashew butter

3 T raw carob

3 dates or agave nectar to taste

makes a cup of frosting

could add flavorings with essential oils
use as a whipped frosting for cakes, pies, cookies, etc... frozen and
blended for chocolate ice cream

Carob Cups (tastes like chocolate candy)

1/2 C. Warm coconut oil

3 T Raw Almond Butter

3-5 T Raw Carob Powder

3-5 T Agave Syrup, or maple syrup, or honey

1 T Vanilla

dash sea salt

( for chocolate mint flavoring use a few drops of peppermint essential oil)

Optional: Orange, peppermint, or other flavoring of your choice
(almond extract gives it a cherry taste)

Mix all together with a hand mixer (less messy than a cuisinart)- I use my

Pour into small cupcake papers & freeze several hours

Var: Put fresh blueberries or other fruit in center of paper before pouring
carob mixture over.

German Chocolate Cake- Julia Holt

I made this one up after being frustrated about our german chocolate
cake birthday cakes... what to do? This came to me in a dream! I love it!


1 cup Cripsy Pecans (soaked, and dried until crispy)

1 cup Almonds (soaked and dried)

1/2-1 c. your choice of sweetener (raisins, prunes, figs, dates, agave) I
like figs sometimes, and sometimes I like dates...:) Add these until
you get to the rolling ball stage.

1/4-1/2 c. Raw Carob


1 cup Crispy Pecans

2-3 T. agave nectar

Juice of 1-2 lemons ( adjust to make these three ingredients have the
tartness of lemonade)

Meat of 1-2 coconuts

1/2 c. choppped Pecans

1 c. Shredded Coconut


For the crust:
In your processor, blend the nuts first until a fine meal, add your choice
of sweetener and the carob until it rolls into a ball. The longer you let it
spin, the smoother the crust will get. So if you want it chunkier, take it
out sooner, or if you want it finer, let it spin for a minute.

For the topping:

In your processor, blend the nuts into a fine meal, add the honey
until combined, add the lemon and watch the texture change to a cream.
Pause and
taste for tartness. This should taste like lemonaide, adjust to your
tastes with more honey or more lemon.

Process in the coconut meat until it resembles a cream. (Opt. At
this point
you could add a teaspoon of vanilla, or rum flavoring)

Take out of the processor and fold in the chopped pecans and the
shredded coconut.

Arrange the crust into a cake shape, and top with the "frosting".

You could decorate with some "icing" (see coconut cream in the
desert recipe
file) and some strawberries. Enjoy.:) Love, Julia

Sergei's Young Coconut Dream Cake


- 1 cup raw unsoaked walnuts

- 1/2 cup of your favorite pitted dates

- 1/4 cup young coconut water

- 4 table spoons of raw carob

1. Blend the walnuts and dates in a food processor till the mixture

2. Mix in the 4 Tbs of carob and the coconut water.

3. Spread one layer of crust out on a plate.

4. Place sliced fruits on top of first layer.

5. Place second layer of crust on top.


- 1 cup young coconut meat

- water, enough to blend into thick topping

- 1 tablespoon honey

1. Blend all the ingredients in a vita-mixer.

2. Spread icing on cake.

3. Decorate with fruit slices and nuts.

* I have left Sergei's recipe intact. However, if you are a
honey-free vegan, just leave the honey out of the icing and use agave
nectar (its
better for helping with candida anyways). Plain coconut cream is
sweet all by itself, or if you blend in a few dates, that will make it

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