Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coconut Oil tips

There are a few really good brands of EXCELLENT, raw coconut oils out there. The brand that I like quite well and can be bought at Good Earth, is called Tropical Traditions. There is also another great brand that I get through the co-op I am part of. (You can find the info about the co-op on the "Health" page of my website at It is made by a company called "Wilderness Family." I think Real Foods in Orem might sell this brand, if you don't want to buy it in bulk, which is what I do. And just so you know, I LOVE the one that is called "Traditional and Fermented." It has a VERY strong coconutty smell and taste. It is one of the BEST brands I have found yet.

Just make sure when you are ordering any coconut oil that it is "expeller pressed" not refined. You can even call the company, either of the ones I have mentioned because I have called them both, and they are very willing and kind about answering any questions you might be having about how they process it.

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