Thursday, June 04, 2009

A mom's best friend...& some cool photos (photos first)

Just some cool photos I found. The one at the top is a 12 yr old Afghan girl. It was on the cover of National Geographic. When I first say it, the lady at Albertson's said that her eyes were amazing, but that actually she had some disease that made them that way. Well, that was inaccurate apparently, because this same gal is now a mother of 3. So I thought that was cool. Neat eyes just because God gave them to her.

This is the best thing for a pregnant lady...I'm living proof. I've had much less pain since wearing this. Would have been nice to know for the other 5 pregnancies, but better late than never.

Some songs don't really make much sense, but they sure are fun. This one is from Dumb & Dumber. Crash Test Dummies.

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Elder said...

What a wonderful idea... "a mom's best friend." I sure could have used one when I was pregnant..Love you!