Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the world welcomes in a new life...

No, this isn't one of mine, but isn't he cute? Today, my little brother became a Daddy. I had the chance to talk with Jared and Liz last night about contractions the upcoming events. Liz was scheduled to be induced tonight, but little Caleb didn't like that idea, and he made an entrance around 2 this afternoon. It was hard to know what to say last night, knowing how profoundly the next 24 hours would change their lives forever. But, now they know too.

I finally feel like an aunt. Since I've been the grandchild-bearer so far out of my mom's 5 kids, I have to admit, it was much easier to see the family expand this way. Thanks, Liz!

We'll go see the little guy tomorrow and get some good pictures. Isn't that what an aunt would do?

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