Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time for me...

These few moments I take to write in the blog are time for me. Sometimes I wax profound, and often, I just put things here--the place I won't lose them! Each day we go through life, and more often than not, things touch us, inspire us, speak to us. When I blog, I have a place to put that--those memories, those moments. Some place that shares me--with me. And whoever else chances by.

I love that people create, that we love, that we share. I love those moments when life really does feel all the beautiful it really is--those moments that are too often shadowed by fear or doubt, that some how break through and shine within us.

Have you noticed you can't stay in those moments very long, without them evolving into a profound sense of gratitude--which makes them all the better. Gratitude starts the creation process all over again, and connects us with the heavens.

I love it when I'm grateful. It's like I'm finally understanding something that I so often overlook or dismiss. It's like the Universe is sending a huge sense of love towards us, and we lift our heads above the fog long enough to realize it's there.

Yet, it's always there.

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