Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hidden Talents....

This is my friend Marie--and I didn't even know she owned a guitar! But I was browsing her blog today and came across her guitar-related post. Not only does she play, but she sings, and used to write songs as well! She posted the lyrics to one of her song, and I thought of course I'd like it--she's my friend--but I also hoped I'd really like it--because she is my friend!

Wow! I was in awe of the simplicity of her message--and its inherent beauty. Of course I'd like it--I was amazed how it struck me, friend or no. I felt like I caught another glimpse of Marie--just the pure, joyous self that is simply a part of her--no effort involved--it just is.

What wonders lie within us? Thanks for sharing, Marie.

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