Thursday, March 13, 2008

Manifesting Story...

First of all, I just have to say that when I scroll down a few posts and see that curly hair waving like the water--it just cracks me up. I guess it's because, if the truth be known, my hair is actually that curly (and I'm so glad they invented the Chi Iron to let me change it from time to time). So I don't know if it just reminds me that curly can be amazing, or if I'm simply easily amused. But hey, all the more joy to you, right? What simple things make you laugh?

Anyway, about my story, it's actually from 7 years ago now, but I was going through my book, Everyday Manifesting, and read it again. It's an amazing story.

Baby Monitor

Ah yes, the baby monitor. This actually happened about 5 years
ago—it was one of those profound experiences that stays in
your memory ever after. About 5 years ago, I was out of
money—I didn't even have a credit card. I had under 5 dollars
in my cash assets, and I had a problem that couldn’t wait until
our next paycheck. We had just moved in to a new home and I
was spending my days putting in a yard and creating a space
for a garden. I had a young baby at the time. When he napped,
I would work in the yard. Time after time, I wouldn't hear him
wake up, and I’d find him upset and crying. I needed a baby
monitor. That would solve our dilemma—I could listen for him
from the monitor while I finished up the yard.

Well, with $5 in my pocket, I headed to Wal-mart knowing full
well monitors cost a lot more than that. I was sad and didn't
know what to do, but still I went to the store and looked around.
I found the monitors—and they were around $30. Then there
were some for $20, but that seemed to be the low end. Well, it
was crazy anyway, wasn't it? To think I could find a monitor so

Then I found a clearance area, and one baby monitor—marked
for $2.00! I could actually afford two dollars. But, this had to be
a mistake. I took it over to the price scanner—beep—$2.00, it
said. No way! I really needed the monitor, but I didn't want to be
mistaken about the price. I found a sales clerk, and she
checked the price—yes, it really was only $2.00.

I took it to the check out area, wiping back the tears that began
to trickle down my face. Who cries about a baby monitor,
honestly! But to me, it was much more than a "good deal." How
in the world did there happen to be precisely one baby monitor
at a price I could afford—and at a ridiculous price at that? How
did the powers that be know that I would go to that store, on
that day, and find the monitor? I'm still collecting information on
how that works exactly, but I do know this: I was cared about.
My needs were known and my requests were heard. It felt like a
great big hug from the universe.

~Apryl (who is very glad those scarce times have ended--but what an amazing experience. This was one of those first times I knew something far stronger than coincidence was at play here).

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