Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tip: The 5 Minute Lunch Miracle

We are getting up way too fricking early these days trying to get Steph to school by 7:30, a half hour away (with 6 kids in tow) so I came up with this idea of spending just a few minutes each day on creating lunch items (or, just taking them out of the packaging...that takes work too...sort of). 
Then I have a box (the "Lunch Box"--catchy name, eh?) full of these items.  The idea is that the kids can grab several items and have a lunch ready in no time.  They can even make a sandwich and still pull it together in less than 5 minutes.  And on the days we have one minute, they just grab and go.  Very helpful.

And yes, those are graham crackers with frosting inside.  Did you ever eat those as a kid?  Why do they taste better after sitting in the fridge overnight?  I had a roommate in college, Wendy, that taught me the graham cracker yumminess.

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