Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Me Time

I've decided that blog time is me time. It nourishes my soul. Plus, since I happen to be something of a whirlwind, I like to leave a trail so I can remember what I've been up to. And, I like to know I've been doing SOMETHING productive. If I don't see it, I'm liable to forget. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. So...first...the push-ups report. Sadly, I had a wicked cold/sinus infection that knocked me off the wagon. There was no way anything involving tipping my head forward was going to happen. I'm better now and ready to start again except for two things...laziness and a general dislike of exercise, uh-um...I started on too hard a level and I don't know how to reset my iPod app on the easier one (so I'll actually do it) and my wrists are killing me each time. A sculptor really values her wrists. So, we'll see. If I don't decide to continue with the pushups, I'll switch over to 100 squats (which catches my interest more anyway) and do these 6 minute workouts.

We'll see. I have been walking on warm days with Jordan. I find it's great to go...about now...later afternoon when the kids are in the living room (bouncing off the walls?) enjoying themselves noisily. Suddenly I'm much more motivated to get out of the house...go figure.

Next, I'm going to figure out labels on this thing because I like to talk about a lot of different subjects and having several blogs is confusing for me. I do better if I put everything in one place. But I'll have labels to sort for you...if you just want sculpting or knitting info or whatever. Any tips on how to make a side widget for that are welcome.

Oh...hey...never saw that Show All button by the labels before. That will make life easier!

Speaking of goals (I guess that was my topic in a round about way), here's a cute little PDF on Goals and Manifesting.

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