Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun with Paints

This is one of my latest. Not exactly done, as I could go through an pencil in more detail, now that the oils are dry. This was done with the Shiva Paintstiks I've mentioned before, and some water color pencils, and water-soluble pastels. The background is nice and grainy, as I gessoed some masonite and then scrubbed a papertowel over it to show the nice gesso texture. I love these oils because you can get messy with them. Most of the skin texture was done with my fingers. (Oooh, hey--if you click on the picture, you get a BIG version with texture galore!).

Hmmm...this is a scanned pic and it's not as vibrant as the real deal, but I was going for sombre tones anyway. Even orange can be sombre at times.

I knitted a sock and have a cute pic of my son wearing it, but that will have to wait for when I'm on my laptop. For as amazing as Macs are, you'd think they'd make an SD slot. Go figure.

Well, today I'm feeling well enough to make a post, so that's progress. Let's see if I can even tackle a pile of laundry....

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