Saturday, January 31, 2009

Psychic Jenna....

I'm not quite sure how this happened. Well, logistically, I know how this happened. But it definitely beats the odds. You know that teeny, tiny fraction of a chance that you'll get pregnant, no matter what kind of measures you take? I do. In a big way.

I have 5 beautiful children, and the youngest is heading off to kindergarten this fall. Done! Made it. And for a whole week or two, quiet at home. And then, I'm starting all over again. Apparently!

Jenna, all I can suppose is that you are sending some strong baby-making mojo to our family, and it hit me! Maybe you and Lani will be preggers this year too. Wouldn't that be something for the folks to return home to!

Well, there you have it...and my blog readers are nearly the first to know.

The kids are super happy about it. I've never had a bunch of teenagers to help out with a new baby before. What an interesting year this will be.

Isn't that picture the cutest in the world. It helps me remember what all the nausea and future aches and pains are all about. New life.


marie*jolie said...

What an adventure! It will be fun to watch it unfold for your family.


Cherry Tree said...

WOW! Congrats to both of you! That is fantastic!

rachel said...

Congratulations! Hope the morning sickness isn't hitting you too hard!

Mrs. Egg said...

Ha ha!!! Number six is on the way! Well hopefully the baby making mojo. Is coming our way too? Congrats! Wonder what this one will look like Jasen?