Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No Middle Ground?

Either you do or you don’t.

I realized last night, that with faith and living the conscious life—you either believe it and experience it—or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

So much of my life I’ve spend between the gears, on all sorts of things. Stuck between decisions, unwilling to fulling give myself to anything. Do you remember learning to drive a stick shift? Remember that awful sound between gears? Okay, maybe you weren’t as bad as a stick shift driver as I was (No comments, Jared!) But still, you can imagine the analogy, can you not?

Either you have faith, create your life consciously, expect miracles—or you don’t. It’s when you are stuck somewhere in between that life gets painful.

I was thinking last night of two types of people. Those who don’t believe in “something out there” and those that expect miracles. Those who don’t believe, leave it up to themselves. They are bound and determined to make whatever it is they desire happen—no matter what. After all, it’s up to them, right? I commend the tenacity this displays. The pitfall is not recognizing or realizing all the help and love available to them.

Then there’s another kind of person, who expects miracles—who expects input from God and the Universe, direction, and help! But, this method can also run amuck if you have…a plan. A way you expect things to go along the way as you expect something to turn out. If you detach from all the “how’s”—this method still works pretty well.

But what if you were to combine the two. Put your energy completely into something, and expect miracles along the way. You press forward, ready to do it all, but know some things are going to come about quite easily. If we forge ahead and expect that THIS thing was going to be easy, or that the help would show up at THIS particular juncture—we might be in for disappointment. But if you focus instead on accomplishing the task no matter what, and are open to help however it comes—you accomplish, and you don’t end up doing it all by yourself either.

Forge ahead, let nothing dissuade you, and notice the miracles as they drop in.

I think God wants us to be SERIOUS. Not frumpy and grumpy—but certain, sincere, and sure of what we want. When we ask and set out to create—we’ve got to really mean it to experience the success we desire.

Huh--still not middle ground--but there certainly is synergy. I choose the best of both worlds.

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Jared said...

The whiplash eventually subsided.