Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ropes Course

So, this past weekend (well, Friday, to be exact), I had the opportunity to do a Ropes course with the Outlook Coaching program I've been involved in. So here's me, our faciliator, Janine, and my buddies from the coach group. This one is called the Trust Fall. Just before we fell, we had to say our name and "and I trust you with my life." And then drop into their arms.

They caught me--it was awesome. My coaching call buddies, Andrea and Carrie are at the front, where my head would be after the fall. They are awesome--actually--ALL of these people are!

This is Craig and I as we lean into each other and keep our bodies stiff walking toward the trees. Notice that we are standing on wobbly cables. The people in the middle are there to spot us.

It was pretty cool. It trusted Craig completely, and that made it easy for me.

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